camp fire

85 people were killed by the blaze, and nearly 14,000 homes were leveled.
After November’s deadliest fire in California history, many were left homeless and unable to find affordable places to live nearby.
The Chico City Council voted 5-1 to declare a climate emergency after the Camp fire killed 85 people in November.
Gavin Newsom announced an "emergency in advance of an emergency" in hopes avoiding a repeat of 2018's record-breaking fire season.
A wet winter has lifted the state out of the drought that's persisted since 2011.
The fire in the Northern California town of Paradise was the state’s deadliest and most destructive ever.
12-year-old Kingston jumped out of the truck as his family was fleeing the Camp Fire.
Pacific Gas and Electric faces billions of dollars in claims stemming from recent infernos, including the Camp wildfire.
In the last two decades, 13 percent of the state has gone up in flames.
The state’s deadliest fire ever was also the world’s costliest catastrophe in 2018.
The president said the fire-ravaged state will receive no more money until “they get their act together.”
Madison, an Anatolian shepherd, somehow survived the Camp Fire that tore through Paradise, California.
A Camp fire evacuee goes back to see what's left.
The rain made the living situation even more difficult, a former Paradise resident told HuffPost.
Bob Wilson, who had never been to Paradise, which was destroyed in the Camp fire, gave out checks worth more than a million dollars altogether.
The Camp fire is finally contained, but all that remains of Ridgewood Mobile Home Park are ashes.
Officials will be battling the blaze for months to come, but they have secured a line around the fire.
The historic wildfire has killed at least 85 people and destroyed nearly 14,000 homes.
Butte County Sheriff-Coroner Kory L. Honea warned that the list of missing persons is "dynamic" and could fluctuate.