campaign contributions

Lawyers at multiple firms who've worked for the president or his campaign are shunning Trump, at least when it comes to donations.
#BoycottOliveGarden trended over the weekend after the restaurant chain was baselessly included in a list of Trump-backing companies.
Now he says that while the president reimbursed Michael Cohen for the payment, he didn't know what it was for.
"Let that guilt about who you’re really working for inform your votes; don’t let the corporate money do it.”
The measure would have reinstated a policy put in place by Barack Obama.
Third, he did not become president of the Harvard Law Review because of affirmative action. On the contrary, it was the conservatives
Companies that rely on PACs for political spending see that as a way to control the amount of their contributions and to
A wealthy hospital executive tried to hide a contribution through an LLC.
I think we are rather missing a major point about money in politics, at least in the United States.
We cannot in good conscience fail to act now given the urgency of the problems caused by the collapse of personal accountability for Wall Street elites. Our economy and our democracy are both imperiled by that collapse and require urgent redress.