campaign donations

Most candidate had pledged to reject donations from registered federal lobbyists.
"Any other American who offered cash to the jury before a trial would go to prison for felony bribery," writes attorney Richard Painter.
As David Koch retires, his lesser-known relatives seem (mostly) uninterested in replacing him.
The ad focuses on the average contribution to Sanders' campaign as a contrast to the high dollar events Clinton will attend this weekend.
To me, all of these questions stem from the fact that Hillary supporters assume that they and Bernie supporters are fundamentally on the same team. Doesn't the fundamental rule of "The enemy of my enemy is my friend" still apply?
He's down from the $12 million he raised in the previous quarter.
Party crashing--or gate-crashing, as it is sometimes called--is an art form that I stumbled upon as a teen. I taught myself how to finagle into any event, anywhere, anytime.
Bernie Sanders doesn't need the money of billionaires, since most likely they'd be 'wasting' money on donating to his campaign. After all, Sanders is quoted in the Washington Post as saying things that no other politician in America would dare utter during an election cycle.
Immense amounts of money from super PACs are flooding in to support politicians. The implications of lobbying are up for debate. However, it seems that lobbying provides a significant amount of political clout going to those with the greatest wealth.
"Self-imposed rules, in general, are not reform by themselves," said David Donnelly, president and CEO of Every Voice, an