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There were two political stampedes this week, both towards and then back away from the same man: rancher Cliven Bundy. So, at least for the spectators, it was an amusing week in politics.
Description: Thanks to the internet phenomenon, "McConnelling", the questionable relationship between Politicans and Super PACS are getting more exposure. And not in a good way.
Nine senate candidates have uploaded b-roll footage to their websites for super PACs to use in ads. Creating a loophole, for candidates to work with huge campaign donors. But is it legal?
JUDGE FOUND LAW UNCONSTITUTIONAL David Parker, political scientist at Montana State University, said the Supreme Court's
When the New York Leadership for Accountable Government committee meets, I will provide it with all my energy and experience to help bring to the state of New York what New York City has already adopted.
I'm all for cracking down on political corruption and the insidious ways in which money subverts our democracy. But even within this category of wrongdoing I can think of plenty of bigger fish to fry than John Edwards.
The exemption granted to the NRA, as Wertheimer notes, relates to disclosing who exactly is funding the ad. The gun lobby
Read the poll results: Support is incredibly high for reforms currently being considered by Congress to stem the tide of
Corporations can now directly intervene in campaigns with candidate-specific ads. The only requirement remaining is that they not be coordinated with a campaign. But that's a requirement more of form than substance.