campaign finance reform

Liuba Gretchen Shirley explains why campaign finance reform would allow for more regular people to run for office.
However, Hasen predicted the new Supreme Court will further loosen campaign finance restrictions, with limits on contributions
We will be studying what happened for years to come, but let's start with the obvious: Trump may be a (self-described) billionaire, but he won despite having less campaign money -- a lot less.
A similar initiative in Washington state didn't go through, however.
The rich are prepared to invest a lot to defend their interests; the people of the country will have to be convinced to do
Public financing elections can now come to California.
Our city and state government has officially gone insane for the past decade. But the Governor has missed numerous opportunities
Lawrence Lessig's plea to members of Congress wasn't exactly diplomatic. The Harvard law professor was referring to the outside role fundraising plays in lawmakers' schedules, and surveys showing that the most people believe the current system keeps them from being heard.
Every Voice is backing a presidential candidate for the first time.
What if "endorsement" is a political red herring? "Endorsing" suggests approval, but for a lot of us that option is closed. But, hey, we still have to choose--we must choose because democracy itself is at stake today.