campaign legal center

The Campaign Legal Center alleges the Buttigieg campaign illegally coordinated with a super PAC.
A Campaign Legal Center complaint outlined a "pattern of ethical misconduct" at the federal agency.
Six senior agency officials are named in a complaint filed Wednesday with Interior’s Office of Inspector General.
A Supreme Court ruling has required identification with a provable street address in the state, a rarity for people living on reservations.
An analysis found that 70 percent of people whose voter registration is in jeopardy are black residents.
The Republican senator's campaign gave the cash to his son to run its Instagram page and make Facebook and YouTube videos.
Conway slammed Alabama Senate candidate Doug Jones on national TV in violation of the Hatch Act, document argues.
Two nonprofit groups point to donor reports with false and missing information.
Trump has already "misreported millions of dollars in contributions" for the 2020 race, the complaint alleges.
New allegations that a pro-Hillary Clinton outside spending group and two that are backing Donald Trump have illegally coordinated with the candidates' campaigns are refocusing attention on a concept that regulators have never quite nailed down.
The Supreme Court has left a major hole in the Voting Rights Act, but attorneys and law students are hoping to fill it.
Political ad buys for cable, satellite and radio are heading to an online database.
As things stand now, the burden is on you to figure out who is funding the ads inundating your television and attempting to influence your vote, despite long-standing laws and regulations that clearly state that broadcasters have an obligation to ascertain the "true sponsor" of the ads they run on those airwaves.
Camp's report revealed, apparently for the first time, that Lerner was alarmed Crossroads hadn't been flagged for an audit
Ohio state Treasurer Josh Mandel (R) may have violated federal campaign finance law for using a car owned by his 2012 U.S. Senate campaign during his state campaign and for not paying the car's rental fees on time.