campaign speeches

The former vice president and Democratic presidential candidate will deliver a speech Thursday ahead of Trump’s trip to the state.
But his opponents' speeches aren't that much more advanced.
It's likely that the political advisors, handlers, and speechwriters know that Americans have been casting our votes for hope for decades now -- and engineer the campaigns to maximize it.
With just 10 days until the election I'm still waiting for the speech I had hoped to hear -- from any candidate, of either party, in any race. With time running out I'm growing doubtful, so just in case, I've tried to at least imagine it.
As his campaign comes to a close, John McCain has landed on a favorite theme, one he has repeated over and over and over
As I recounted in my initial thoughts about the Obama Berlin speech, I recalled that Gandhi said we have to value our words as much as our actions. Obama understands that, and our history has shown it to be true.
"For six long years, they have all been invisible," she told a crowd in Manchester. "Well, they're not invisible to us. And
There's nothing wrong with inspirational, motivational oratory. It wouldn't be the end of our country if we had a leader who spoke using proper English. It's about time for that, ain't it?