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Brown also serves on the board of DeVos’ the American Federation for Children.
Former television journalist Campbell Brown is "a propagandist" against public schools, an education activist said.
By blocking me, Brown is trying to prevent me from even viewing her Twitter page. However, in such a situation, all one must do is sign out of one's own Twitter account to view any page from which one is blocked.
Campbell Brown mistakenly said that 2/3 of American students were "below grade level." What the national test calls "proficiency" is equivalent to an A. No one expects the majority of students to score an A; if they did, we would call it grade inflation.
But, they are wrong, and the evidence is overwhelming:   This post originally appeared on Education Post. Public education
It is now in vogue to sue states regarding their education statutes regarding teacher evaluation and retention. To wipe out
While it's nothing new for Diane Ravitch to take a swing at former journalist Campbell Brown, her decision to essentially mock Brown's advocacy around the sexual abuse of children is uniquely appalling.
Look up the definition of co-dependent in the dictionary and it indicates an unhealthy relationship between two people that is dysfunctional, leads to abusive behavior and is just plain old bad for both parties. I can't think of a better word to describe Trump's budding romance with the media.
Hit rewind and watch HuffPost Live interviews with Campbell Brown, Mort Crim, Deborah Norville and Dan Harris talk about their careers in the news industry.