campus assault

Sexual assault survivors are demanding compensation from the institutions they say enabled their attacks or mishandled their cases.
Callisto has already empowered survivors on college campuses, but people want to see it expand to Hollywood and tech.
An accused former University of Virginia student argues the Education Department illegally enacted additional regulations for schools.
Sadly, sexual violence against women and girls remains deeply entrenched and politicized around the globe. Perhaps no other allegation of crime exposes a woman's credibility to such intense hostility and imposes the penalties of shame and stigma to a more severe degree than alleging rape.
"I thought: I need to do something where I can reclaim this space and just exist," Karmenife Paulino explained.
University students are drawing attention to and challenging long-established norms about who should bear the burden of discomfort in educational spaces, a burden that historically has fallen disproportionately on women minority students.
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The White House has enlisted Hollywood stars including Jon Hamm of "Mad Men" and Connie Britton of "Nashville" to help fight campus sexual assault.
Cases involving drugs or alcohol may be challenging to investigate if the victim is impaired. But that makes it all the more important to conduct a thorough investigation to put the evidence together.
The current discussion around sexual violence has largely ignored high school perpetrators and their victims, and how those same perpetrators often go on to become the college campus sexual assaulters we hear about.