campus climate survey

Students claim the last survey produced a distorted picture of the reality on campus.
There is a minority of men that perceive that campus surveys overemphasize what men do to women, with insufficient attention to what women do to men. Although few women may rape men, perceptions that they do must be regarded seriously.
A bunch of colleges are withholding sexual assault data, thanks to one group.
Considering these factors and our cultural context together, it becomes clear that change will not come easily or quickly. Yet, with thoughtful, specialized outreach, we can and should find ways to reach students during this psychologically and emotionally tumultuous time of their adult lives.
It's one of the largest attempts to study student experiences with sexual assault in college.
Nearly 5 percent of students at the University of Kentucky say they were sexually assaulted in the past year, but most of the cases went unreported, according to a survey conducted by the college.
A private entity like Westat is not required to disclose the members of its IRB, but the company said in a statement to HuffPost
It is fair to say that virtually all college students are aware of sexual consent from a "no means no" perspective. However, understanding the importance of obtaining definitive consent is necessary, especially within the social cultures of college campuses, many of which revolve around an alcohol-fueled hookup culture.
The Association of American Universities announced Friday that it contracted with the research firm Westat to create a campus
Meloy also pointed out that colleges and universities vary enormously in the nature of their campus life and student bodies