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Last month the Department of Education’s first meeting on rewriting the Obama “borrower defense” rule for student loans stalled
As higher education institutions respond to the recent demands of their students, it is striking that not a single institution of which I am aware is calling for a paradigm shift for racial justice -- a reimagining of the university.
I guess what I keep learning over and over, is that when I am authentic, vulnerable, and coming from the place of trying to make a difference, then the audiences will come along with me for the ride.
As I asked that student in 1986, I ask you now, Chancellor Syverud: Why are you here? I am really trying to understand. And I know, because I read in their deep, critical descriptions of what it is like to be heard on this campus, that the students who are THE General Body want to know this as well.
Plainly ignoring the guarantees of the First Amendment, campus security and a member of the MJC staff told Van Tuinen that he could hand out his written materials only in a small "free speech zone" and only with prior permission.
These groups are supporting the effort to keep rates low just two months after they blasted the proposal to tie federal student
There will be a day when honest, transparent, and fair reporting and adjudication of sexual assaults will be the norm. That day is coming, and we want Oxy to get there first.
Under a new policy at Occidental College, any time there is a report of a sexual assault, the college community should receive an email saying so. Last week, however, the students learned of a report of a sexual assault second-hand.
A recent HuffPost/YouGov poll found Americans are split 43-43 on whether guns should be allowed on campus. However, a plurality
The real winner of Tuesday’s presidential debate? Young voters. Unlike the first presidential debate and the vice-presidential