campus protest

Who would have thought, that in 2016, my cohort sister would be here, in college, on a fantastic arts and activism scholarship, performing an incredibly powerful show on racism, classism, and sexism, and not feel safe in her own home.
Let's consider these questions: Who are your Black leaders? What does leadership look like to you? How can educators, parents, political representatives, and other concerned individuals support the future generation of Black leaders?
Sincerely, Our campus will not shy away from addressing the challenging issues of the day. Racism has been a cancer within
At a time when major presidential candidates demonize difference, and when attackers respond to groups they've been inspired to hate with terrorism, let's recognize the constructive value of ongoing debate and that politicized campuses remain places of confrontation and of real learning.
Students at the University of Missouri share their opinions and advice about experiencing with racism on campus.
Wanda Ginner, a board member on the university’s philanthropic Towers Foundation, and Rebecca Dukes, vice president for university
The groups learned of the incident through one of Velasquez’s professors, after a Latina administrator present at the meeting
"Today I chose to act in solidarity with my friend, an Indigenous woman and a citizen of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy who
Here Is A Sampling Of Some Of The Letters Sent To The Chancellor's Office: All 1,176 emails available on Document Cloud. That's
My hope is that the members of the UCI community can use this event as a teachable moment, coming together as a campus more clearly to define the limits of acceptable protest.