campus protests

10 realities about the campus tumult that are being ignored.
Many of Professor Bret Weinstein's faculty colleagues issued heated demands for him to resign.
The reality of what occurred is far more complex, and, in fact, far more insidious than the caricature presented in most media reports.
The trauma faced by youth of color on college campuses continues to rise in epidemic proportions in the United States. Amidst
Much of our future is reliably unpredictable, and what more so than the moments when mass movements suddenly break out and sweep across our world?
Clearly, university administrators prefer student demands that can be coopted or absorbed into their current business model. Allowing the prevailing culture to define the parameters of their protest has left the burgeoning Millennial Movement in a precarious position.
"It suggests ... a dying mantis or a poorly formed pterodactyl."
Students demanded Tom Rochon's retirement for his handling of racial tensions on campus.
As a 1973 graduate of Princeton University and its Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, I have followed closely the recent efforts by some Princeton students to eradicate all public traces of Woodrow Wilson from the university.
Monuments, as symbols, project values, not neutral representations of the past.
"What is honored in a country will be cultivated," Plato said, and this is true for spirituality within the university setting. It cannot just be talked about on the margins, spirituality must be at the heart of the campus.
Perhaps the claim that we live in a "post-racial society" is an expression of hope, and maintaining hope is nothing short of a moral imperative in today's uncertain world. I suspect, however, that the term "post-racial society" is also an expression of denial, an invitation to turn away from reality.
California's community colleges have suffered $769 million in budget cuts from the state since 2009. At that point, the cost