Campus Sexual Assault

Kira Kazantsev, Laura Dunn and Savannah Badalich join HuffPost Live to discuss what they wish they had known about abuse before going to college.
Title IX processes are being delayed across the country -- leaving many survivors to wonder what justice looks like during a pandemic.
Swarthmore College student organizers are feeling the fallout after leading protests that forced the only two fraternities on campus to disband.
Former Baylor University student Jacob Walter Anderson was indicted on four counts of sexual assault in 2016.
The actress and activist gave the education secretary the Grinch treatment to protest the DOE’s proposed changes to Title IX guidelines.
Anyone who cares about ending abuse within collegiate athletic departments should be very worried.
The Education Department just proposed guidelines to the civil rights law that would drastically change the way schools handle sexual misconduct.
The lawsuit says that the education secretary's decision to scrap Obama-era rules governing sexual assault on campus was based on bias and stereotypes.
The education secretary's potential new Title IX regulations could be disastrous for sexual assault survivors.
Betsy DeVos’ new college sexual assault guidelines hurt victims more than they help them.