Can You Ever Forgive Me?

The Oscar-winning actress said she "worships" Melissa McCarthy, who took over the role.
The "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" actor, nominated for his first Oscar at age 61, has charmed his way through the festivities "like a kid that’s gone to the fun fair."
Babs' reply reduced the Oscar nominee for "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" to tears after he posted a picture outside her home.
"The Favourite," "Can You Ever Forgive Me?" and "Green Book" don't rely on conventional tropes to tell queer stories.
We're far from the shallow now. Just ask Paddington.
The actress's non-comedic turn as real-life lesbian con artist Lee Israel is garnering awards season buzz.
Her serious turn in “Can You Ever Forgive Me?” is a revelation. But rather than a transition point in her career, it marks the culmination of her talents.
"The Land of Steady Habits," starring Ben Mendelsohn, is a departure for the director, who's known for witty stories about women.