Pope Francis hasn't been timid in speaking about these issues. In September, after publishing the aforementioned encyclical
Justin Trudeau Says Men Need To Be Feminists Too
The Bush v. Gore case damaged the credibility of the court and knocked down trust in the institution. Determining Cruz's eligibility early on, no matter how ridiculous or politically-motivated is the argument, saves us from another divisive campaign that eats at the trust and credibility of our institutions.
This equation is simple:a few minutes of discipline equals hours of comfort, pleasure, a lengthened lifespan, and less time spent on medical procedures.
Michael and Neil Fletcher were out hunting when they came across a bald eagle in a trap.
I came to the 1000 Islands to see the castle of Love - Boldt Castle - the early 20th century castle built for Louise, the
Forget local history books that don't fully account for a civil war and other setbacks that ruined the country and follow the money in Lebanon's tortuous slide from "Switzerland of the Middle East" to dysfunctional entity par excellence.
MES: I also notice that the nude female form is a favorite for you. I myself own a couple of these. I also notice that your
Photographers from around the world will often write to me because they are planning a trip to New York City - Where should
When it comes to giving, Canadians are known to be quietly generous year-round. Being generous is even more important over the holiday season, especially when it comes to giving to children in need.
Anderson Cooper got into a verbal altercation with a Sun News contributor, Vandon Gene, Wednesday night while reporting live on the horrific shooting in Ottawa.
The floor felt like solid concrete with no softness or give. The room was long and narrow, angling to a point at the end. The ceilings about 12 feet high. Suddenly, one of the sleeping men lying below the bench pushed my blanket away.
I began listening to the entirety of her new album, Tall Tall Shadow on repeat (where she plays four instruments including the charango and autoharp) and jumped at the chance to see her live.
She got better. Liddon tested 600 recipes for her book before winnowing it down to a more manageable hundred. As she's discovered
Here's a new one: 'nichification' in classified advertisements. As if they weren't already categorized into assorted and sundry. Except now they're more than the print variety to which so many of us have grown accustomed.
Have you got a project on the go that is beating you? How do you react to feedback? Do you let it defeat you? Or are you able to let things simmer and be playful?
Former McCain adviser says some GOP members want Ted Cruz to "go back to canada"