Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Some Twitter users suspect a conspiracy, but the CBC says Trump's scene was cut long before he was president.
The president's policies would "devastate the communities we represent," the group said.
The group of Black lawmakers aim to make Trump's budget priorities an indictment of his character.
Three women told the court that Ghomeshi hit them, pulled their hair, or choked them during intimacy.
Joel Westheimer, professor of education at the University of Ottawa and education commentator for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, unpacks important insights on schools and what happens in classrooms on a daily basis.
Canada must acknowledge that gender inequality, race, incest and histories of oppression are the pillars of the sex trade, including prostitution.
This past week Jian Ghomeshi flew to Portland for a live taping of Q at the historic Aladdin Theater with PDX locals Carrie Brownstein, Cheryl Strayed, Portia Sabin, Camas Davis, Daniel H. Wilson, Colin Meloy and The Thermals as guests, and I was invited to attend.
Canada produces great comics. It should produce great comedic film and television. If this doesn't change, comedic television and film will continue to be tragically unfunny. I'd rather see a fistfight.