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The Canadian prime minister will deliver the apology later this month.
Fogo Island is off the east coast of Newfoundland. For fans of the terrific, Tony winning play, Come From Away, it is 70
Last fall, when the Canadian government began consulting the public on its plan to revise national food guidelines, I wrote
Do you know people who like to watch horror movies? It’s puzzling why people want to have the bejeezus scared out of them
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By Kristy Siegfried. This article originally appeared on, a news agency specialised in reporting humanitarian
The state of American-Canadian relations is at a critical point. U.S. President Donald Trump campaigned on an “America first
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“During an overdose, a call to 911 can often be the difference between life and death,” the Canadian minister of health said.
I was immediately confused and simultaneously annoyed.
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Refugees are risking their lives to apply for asylum in Canada rather than in the U.S.
Clinton, a likely 2016 Democratic presidential contender, is the subject of a new petition from CREDO Action, a liberal group
As the Canadian government pushes a new law rendering pipeline companies liable for all damages from leaks and spills, the only friend to both sides in this polarized world of dirty oil sands is leak prevention technology.
In our government, the president's top deputies are partisan appointments, part of a thick layer of political appointees that run every important council and agency in the government.