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Trudeau is introduced to offer guidance on how to kick ass. He's taking experience with his elbow and his boxing gloves and imparting it on the heroes of the Marvel universe.
But in reality, the end of Toronto Fashion Week is one of many warning signals presenting a larger issue. The economic impacts for Toronto and Canada are much bigger than they appear. Toronto (like many other cities) tends to undervalue local 'fashion' commerce as a real source of creative, technological and manufacturing growth and innovation.
In the wake of Rob Ford's death on March 22nd, 2016 many are looking back on his life. Along with his troubled and eccentric moments, he was a man of the community and his legacy, in whichever light you see it, will be remembered for years to come.
World leaders are in Paris for the COP 21 conference to demonstrate commitment to emissions reduction and a renewed, global commitment to sustainability. However, there is another group that will have a significant impact on emissions targets. That group is cities.
After a decade of conservative rule, the liberal party led by Justin Trudeau has decisively won Canada’s general election.
Canada’s national election concludes Monday. Current Prime Minister Stephen Harper is hoping to best liberal challenger Justin Trudeau. But plurality will determine the outcome. We discuss the issues at stake in our northern neighbor's election.
The projected win ends the Conservatives' nine-year run in power.