You were there for every birthday I wasn't supposed to see and you were there as I watched my heart grow from 19 inches to
In an effort to stop the Conservatives, some voters aren't going with the party they actually want.
The Miss Universe pageant is gearing up in Coral Gables, Florida and one of the best parts of the preliminary competition is the National Costume Show. A writer for NPR calls it the ‘Olympics Of Gaudy Excess’.
British Columbia has a law on the books that prohibits the marketing or sale of services for cryonics. The stage is being set for a civil rights clash. Cryonicists say they will challenge the law in court, citing it as a human rights violation that threatens their ultimate transhuman goal of trying to live indefinitely.
5. Canada Discovered Insulin Diabetics have Frederick Banting and Charles Best to thank for their discovery of insulin. The
Is Canada responsible for Congressional Republicans driving the world economy to the edge of the abyss?
This time of year has become Freedom Season for me. On September 21, 2011, my precious friends Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer, were freed after being held hostage by the Iranian regime for 2 years and 2 months.
On my travels around the globe, I get asked a lot of questions about Canada. Since people seem to have such unbridled curiosity about Canada and her people, I will try to explain, dear reader, why Canada is such a great place.
It has been a pretty cool experience to go to a Canadian school and see the comparisons between the countries. I still haven't picked up Canadian talk, but I have grown to like Tim Hortons.
You know, shit like unaffordable heath care and violent crime? (Although, to be fair, you did inflict Celine Dion upon the
I was vacationing in Prince Edward Island this summer when I came across a startling statistic: 53 percent of adults in the world's 24 leading economies said they would immigrate to Canada.
Every family that has moved to the United States, at some point, gives birth to an anchor baby. It's no use isolating recent immigrants and their children as some vague harmful group.
Polish authorities detained two Canadians who allegedly stole spikes from a railway line that shipped Jews to the Nazi German
Last night the 16th annual Giller Prize celebrated excellence in Canadian literature, reminding us of the incredible dedication, passion and talent with which authors in this great nation write.
Get HuffPost Politics On Facebook and Twitter! One of the unfortunate side-effects of the often confused health care reform
AIDS is spreading faster among Canada's aboriginal people than in the general population, and a strong cultural stigma and
As Rachel would remind you, the media is filled with Canadians, and no, not all of them are Conrad Black! My personal favorites
A common misconception about adoption is that to get a kid you just have to go to another country and be as pretty as Angelina Jolie. As studio executives and movie reviewers have informed me again and again, I'm not.