The bird is taking flowers left at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Australia’s national war memorial in Canberra and using them to build a colorful nest.
Morrison said he was more concerned about a woman knocked down during the scuffle than the egg tosser.
When 15-year-old Corin Nichols-Tomlins travels to Canberra this week with his two mums, there’s one member of parliament
The photos tell the story of the reactions to the nationwide poll.
The country has a long way to go to catch up with other developed nations on marriage equality.
“We asked 'coffin man,' 'Where are you going'? His response was, 'To Queanbeyan cemetery as I have a 3 p.m. grave site to
New 20-year-old Aussie tennis sensation Nick Kyrgios has come perilously close to being defaulted for language and/or racquet and ball abuse at the US Open, the Australian Open, where John McEnroe was famously defaulted in 1990, and the Estoril Open in Portugal.
Soprano Tony Arnold is a luminary in the world of Chamber Music and Art Song. Today's classical composers are inspired by her inherently beautiful voice, consummate musicianship, and embracing spirit.
In the hours and days after having my baby, I cried. This is a normal part of childbirth as your hormones go crazy. But at some stage during the days after childbirth and before leaving hospital the tears morphed into worried thoughts of death and dying.
Though recent news hasn't been good -- record drought in the Southwest, the precipitous decline of Monarch butterflies, the extermination of top predators that keep our ecosystems healthy -- my recent trip to Australia made me feel more hopeful than in a long time.
With a turtle-like face and ten udders hanging from its undercarriage, "Skywhale" has a strangely serene presence that belies its somewhat grotesque form. Through the unmistakable maternalism of the giant floating creature, Piccinini asks viewers to question the relationship between people, nature, and technology as well as contemplate issues relating to genetic engineering and biotechnology.
Obama's upcoming visit to Australia will be primarily an election year opportunity for PM Kevin Rudd to bask in the glow of a President whose popularity is diving in America, but remains buoyant globally.
Thousands of British children sent to populate Australia in what was later described as "one of the most disgraceful periods