cancel culture

Experts explain why apologizing can be so difficult — and how "canceled" celebrities could do it more effectively.
We live in a system of shaming and ridiculing that discourages honest, uncomfortable conversations on how to move forward.
Celebrities and other notable figures can often salvage their careers after a scandal — but not without some help.
This isn’t about whether someone should or shouldn’t be canceled. Rather, it’s about who gets to come back afterward — and why.
Appreciating art or artists who offend can complicate the idea of cancel culture, especially when others use that as a weapon against your personal values.
Once you learn something damning about a person attached to a movie, TV show or song you love, where does that love go?
The days of the disempowered staying quiet are over, but historical biases and confusing rhetoric have changed how we hold wrongdoers accountable.
A lack of organization, rules and nuance have long plagued our ritualized public scorn. How can we expect it to be taken seriously?
The actor seemed to forget that the disgraced producer once wrote in an email that she "should be killed."
Lizzo and Ariana Grande are just the latest celebrities to disappoint their fans. There's a reason why we care so much.