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The national champion runner had chronicled her battle with metastatic cancer while inspiring others.
The insurance company refused to cover a type of radiation therapy for Orrana Cunningham, who had nasopharyngeal cancer.
By Sanya A. Springfield, Ph.D. and María Elena Martínez, Ph.D. Screening for colorectal cancer is a true public health success
Raphael Mechoulam says his interest in cannabis has always been scientific.
We have witnessed incredible advances in technology and connectivity over the past 20 years, particularly during President
The 2015 Young Investigator Summit The future - where there is a cure for all kids with childhood cancer - lies in the hands
Who should get a mammogram? What age should you get your first mammogram? What might be some ways that can lower your risk
Researchers don't dream of negative results, but experiments and trials that don't go as expected are crucial for moving science forward.
Medical research isn't top of mind for most Americans, whether it's a presidential election cycle or not. I understand why. We think it's something that just gets done. When we picture medical research, we picture a scientist in a white coat somewhere looking at cells under a microscope. We know it will take years for that cell to become a medicine to become a treatment to become a cure. I
McDermott knows first hand what a cancer diagnosis is like. His wife survived a bout with breast cancer but his mother died
For me, cancer is personal; given the statistics, it’s likely to be personal for all of us.
From growth hacking to everyday life hacks, hacking essentially means finding unique and clever ways to solve a meaningful problem. And while hacking goes a long way in the world of tech, Silicon Valley's tech community is now focused on hacking an even larger problem -- cancer.
Caligiuri is also the American Association for Cancer Research president-elect for 2016-2017. He believes more research dollars
Mr. Trump and Ms. Clinton your children are adults now, living in a world where the incidence rates of cancer continue to rise. I believe that by placing greater emphasis on childhood cancer we can make a significant impact on all cancer as a whole. Isn't it worth an hour of our time?