cancer survivor

"If I could get healthy enough to model, I might inspire another young cancer kid like me not to give up."
Experts and those who've lived with the illness share how you can really offer your support.
After treatment, many survivors face sexual dysfunction. For young adults, these problems can be especially challenging.
Who should get a mammogram? What age should you get your first mammogram? What might be some ways that can lower your risk
That last one threw me. Me? This wasn't supposed to happen. I was the one raising money for breast cancer research. I donate
I was introduced to a new term today, scanxiety. Though not a new concept, I had not heard this word before today. The term
Thomas, a fifth-grader from Bowie, Maryland, didn’t cut his locks for two years just so he could donate them to cancer survivors.
The threat or life-long reality of no hair is scary, painful and hard.
Happiness finds this cancer survivor with the help of her favorite hobby. Tracy Yost was diagnosed with cancer in 2015 when she was just 46 years old. That's when it hit her, life is too short to have a "suck the life out of you" career.
There was a growing urge to bring more love and compassion into this world after having almost lost my life.
I'm curious about what you have to say. You'll meet people who have walked a path very similar to yours. They truly get what
From growth hacking to everyday life hacks, hacking essentially means finding unique and clever ways to solve a meaningful problem. And while hacking goes a long way in the world of tech, Silicon Valley's tech community is now focused on hacking an even larger problem -- cancer.
She's been selling out shows for more than a decade, and this summer is no different. The Grammy-nominated singer joins HuffPost Rise to talk about her fight to get back where she belongs: center stage.
Don’t spend your time worrying about the future or feeling badly about the past.
Drawing from her experience, she founded Happily Hungry, a program that consists of cooking workshops geared towards hospitalized
"Mrs. Smith, you have breast cancer." Pure shock overcame me. Those aren't words I thought I'd ever hear in my lifetime.