cancer treatment

The Georgia congressman said he will continue to serve as he begins his plan for treatment.
After treatment, many survivors face sexual dysfunction. For young adults, these problems can be especially challenging.
During chemo, I became oddly divorced from my body.
We count everything that has happened this year as progress, knowing that working together leads to scientific breakthroughs and programs that ease patient suffering. For me, these successes not only help me shake off the blues, but they also fuel my hope that victory is imminent against this dreadful and frightening disease.
Your best chances for a successful outcome will always be with a professional community that has been dealing with cancer for a long time but ultimately it is your life and your choices when choosing what you believe to be the best treatment for you.
Arnold Palmer recommended taking control, and getting on with your life. He urged PSA screening for prostate cancer when appropriate and choosing the best therapy. Follow his advice so you can keep on having fun on the golf course, or in whatever activity you enjoy, and continue leading the "good life."
But Gene Wilder's greatest performance (to cancer patients and survivors) extended beyond stage and screen into his mission to help reduce the impact of cancer. He came to this quest in a strange way.