The senator brazenly joked about his widely condemned getaway in an effort to criticize Joe Biden.
The GOP senator shamed state lawmakers for leaving in a hurry, months after he jetted off to Cancun amid power outages caused by deadly winter weather.
People were quick to accuse Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of hypocrisy after accusing White House press secretary Jen Psaki of “brazen gaslighting.”
People on Twitter noted that many Texans suffered record cold while their senator was in sunny, warm Cancun.
The chartered plane took a nosedive into the sea near Cancun.
"Cruz really did start out his smarmy little tirade with a joke about the firestorm he caused," he said on "Late Night."
"You can blame the wine for the expletives," the former House speaker tweeted.
The Texas Republican came under comedy fire for his ill-advised Cancun vacation.
The comedian devised the perfect getaway plan for the disgraced Texas senator.
Cruz, who previously blamed his daughters, revealed a new way to shift blame.
The late-night host can't get enough of the senator's Cancun scandal.
A new report makes the Texas senator's early attempt to blame his daughters look especially bad.
Snowflake was left in the care of a dogsitter, a spokesperson said, but a photo of the dog looking sad drew a lot of attention on Twitter.
Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) tried to escape to Cancún, Mexico, as millions of Texans suffered without heat or water.
The cartoon proved its clairvoyance again in foreshadowing the Texas senator's crisis-fleeing vacation, some fans say.
“Texans’ anger with Ted Cruz right now could power an entire electrical grid," the vacationing senator's home state newspaper wrote in an editorial.
The revelation dented Sen. Ted Cruz's excuse that he was doing his daughters' bidding with a Cancun vacation while fellow Texans struggled in record cold.
The Texas senator is now fodder for jokes on social media over his ill-conceived Mexican vacation.
The late night host tore into the Texas senator for abandoning his struggling state.
Several groups have already released ads slamming the Texas senator's decision to flee his struggling state.