candace cameron bure

Bill Abbott said the “Full House” actor’s views on LGBTQ+ films “are not necessarily those of the company,” but stopped short of a complete rebuttal.
The "Fuller House" actor's next film, “Craft Me a Romance,” is set to air on the conservative Great American Family network.
Actor Miss Benny's claims about "one of the Tanner sisters" prompted many to believe she was referencing Bure, a conservative with a history of LGBTQ controversy.
Saget's wife, Kelly Rizzo, tweeted Elon Musk about reinstating her late husband's Twitter blue checkmark.
The "Shameless" actor's announcement follows Candace Cameron Bure's plans to prioritize "traditional marriage" in Great American Family's Christmas films.
The YouTube superstar said she has no plans to further communicate with Bure regarding her "sh**ty" approach to holiday filmmaking.
The former "Full House" star blamed the backlash on “the members of the media responsible for using this opportunity to fan flames of conflict and hate.”
After 14 years on the Hallmark Channel, Bure said she intends to only produce films that "keep traditional marriage at the core."
Jessalynn Siwa appeared to back her daughter's viral claim about Bure's behavior at a 2014 event. "Real, genuine kindness goes a long way," she wrote.
Musician Matthew Koma pointed out how the “Fuller House” star’s July 4 post wasn’t as patriotic as she thought it was.