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The party of Cruz and Trump seems overjoyed that Democrats have a challenger, too.
Donald Trump's bigotry is not only dominating the news cycle and winning Trump Republican primary votes. It's directly trickling into to new legislation that Congress is currently considering -- legislation that will effectively create two classes of Americans.
Schock found himself embroiled in a mounting scandal over the past two months after The Washington Post alleged he abused
Watch Miller's announcement about her retirement below: Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) announced Thursday she would not seek
Miller represents Michigan's 10th District and has served in Congress since 2003. Rep. Candice Miller (R-Mich.) defeated
A CBS News poll released on Aug. 6 indicated that a majority of Americans do not agree with the House GOP lawsuit against
House Speaker John Boehner may have had a rough couple of weeks with a shutdown that's made him a lightning rod for public anger over gridlock in Washington, but the Ohio Republican is still one of the biggest political money magnets in town.
The conservative media has hyped the dismay, with other mainstream press not far behind. The topic came up several times
Defending the makeup of the Republican leadership is not grounds for overlooking the Republican's difficulties with women voters. But the gender gap will only be fixed by policy changes, not by identity politics.