Happy Passover - Happy Easter! As always, I focus on the sugary for these joyous holidays - chocolate treats that promise even sweeter days in the spring and summer to come.
Parents in New Zealand are not happy about penis-shaped gummies being sold to kids.
There are more ways than ever to get creative with dessert items.
Ever thought of adding wasabi to your candy bar?
Pan-roasted coriander seeds and black sesame seeds are tossed in a luscious syrup with salted Marcona almonds, then topped with coarse sea salt before the brittle sets. As you bite into the crunchy morsels, the coriander seeds release their exotic aroma.
Dylan's Candy Bar made you Candy Crush Candies (that sentence made our brains sugar-crash).
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The latest Candie's girl is Lea Michele, as was reported several months ago. For her new round of ads, the "Glee" star posed
What are Easter, Passover, or even just spring without a little chocolate? New York has many places to buy that sweet treat. Here are some favorites.
Click over to E! to read more and see Britney, Hayden, Vanessa and Jenny's past Candies ads below. Remember Candies, those
Despite the criticism we have received, it was worth every penny to involve Bristol Palin in our efforts to generate a national dialogue on teen pregnancy.
When Sue and I were finished, we brought our three bags to a woman who weighed them. "That'll be $34," she said. I only had
WATCH: You can see more behind-the-scenes photos from Britney's shoot here. "Annie, Mark and Terry are three of the biggest
Even if parents develop clever schemes to limit the number of candies their children eat, kids -- and many adults -- will often overdose on sweets, in secret if need be.
I applaud efforts to curb teenage pregnancy in America, but only when they're honest, realistic, and free from the kinds