The lifestyle mogul thinks she knows exactly why Goop’s “This Smells Like My Vagina” candle sold out.
"What does desperate for attention smell like?" one critic sniped.
First Night It's Sunday! If you've got nieces and nephews by relation or by choice who live nearby, this is the time to spend
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Image: Disney Editions Disney Books There are many books out there about Walt Disney, the Walt Disney Company and the Disney
Never feel homesick again with candles that smell like home.
Frankincense is known for purification and exorcism. It is said to remove negative influences in the body and environment
There’s just something about the warm glow of candlelight that resonates a feeling of romance -- and what better emotion
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That's why for the holiday weekend, it's finally time to start with a fresh slate...and I mean blank. If you are a traditionalist
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Uptown Love Love is in the air and the pressure is on to pamper your precious! Here are some ideas from the heart and the
The discovery could also help us fight pollution and global warming.
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Those of you lucky enough to be invited to spend a day, weekend or longer at a friend's beach house had best have something special in hand when you arrive.