canine behavior

A study published in October suggests dogs can sense when you're lying or are untrustworthy… And once they decide someone is unreliable they’ll begin to ignore them.
What happened? The dogs were much less likely to heed the experimenter's guidance in phase three than in phase one. That
At least, that's according to a new study that suggests dogs can tell from a facial expression whether a person is happy
In fact, veterinarians may use a dog's scratch reflex to diagnose neurological problems -- a bit like how your doctor might
The "Canine Sense and Sensibility" study was published in the Sept. 17 issue of the journal PLOS ONE. The research doesn't
In our society, a handshake is the standard greeting for meeting new people. Dogs also have a standard greeting ritual, but as scent-oriented creatures their ritual varies slightly from ours.
It's ironic that understanding these signals is absolutely crucial for dog owners, and yet they're not commonly taught or discussed. In a situation such as the beagle-baby one, had the owner's mind not been put at ease, the dog might have lost his home.
Even if he doesn't get involved in the action the first time around, chances are, with repeated exposure, he'll learn from the other dog that the person is no one to fear.
(hat tip, Reddit) Then check out a whole bunch of puppies navigating the stairs -- adorableness squared, no? Heaven help
"Dogs aren't born being man's best friend," she said. "The experiences they have and the type of environment they live in