canine intelligence

A study published in October suggests dogs can sense when you're lying or are untrustworthy… And once they decide someone is unreliable they’ll begin to ignore them.
What happened? The dogs were much less likely to heed the experimenter's guidance in phase three than in phase one. That
At least, that's according to a new study that suggests dogs can tell from a facial expression whether a person is happy
2014-01-27-ScreenShot20140127at12.24.11PM.pngThe "Genius of Dogs" is all the rage these days. But do dogs have actual genius? As to that, I offer in evidence the lowly (pun intended) dachshund.
A new eye-movement study from the University of Helsinki in Finland showed that dogs recognize us in images too. Wild. What
Dr. Pilley wrote in his study's abstract that Chaser's understanding of such sentences was tested with multiple and familiar