Cannabis industry

The presidential contender spoke with community leaders in Oakland, California, about equity and justice in the legal weed industry.
The legislation would invest tax revenue from the cannabis industry in communities hurt most by the War on Drugs.
The industry sees beverages, delivery services and a lot more female consumers as the future of the marijuana business.
Long wait and lack of money plague efforts to offer financial aid and boost access to the booming industry.
The former Mexican president believes trade agreements on pot will boost the economies of both Mexico and the U.S.
A Gallup poll from October shows that 64 percent of Americans favor making marijuana legal.
A Puffragette is a man or woman who is building gender parity, social justice and environmental justice into the cannabis industry.
The cannabis industry is alive and well with everyone from celebrities to tech entrepreneurs looking to cash in. There also
One of the cannabis industry's primary movers-and-shakers is Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Mary's Medicinals, the Denver-based company that manufactures transdermal cannabis patches along with other unique cannabis nutraceutical products.
Federal financial laws have failed to keep up with the times and connect communities to much needed and deserved funding associated with the cannabis industry.
“This space is still pretty raw. Entrepreneurs aren’t the traditional Silicon Valley types," he says. "So it’s pretty difficult
Debit and credit card services will also probably remain unavailable to marijuana businesses under the new guidance, since
Just days after Illinois' new medical marijuana bill was signed into law this summer, Chicago's first medical marijuana clinic
"There’s a lot more opportunity to market, but until it's legal at the federal level, it’s just gotta grow on people, I guess
"It’s just like seven years ago when everyone who could became a real estate agent, and they owned a hair salon but they