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More from Teen Vogue: 3 Ways To Decode (And Deal With!) Emotional Food Cravings Avoid the whole BPA family. Some products
There are plenty of foods that have no business being in a can.
The company has experimented with different flavors before, too, such as PizzOs and CheesOs. SpaghettiOs has been in existence
Assess what you have and make due with what you find. Look for your canned beans, soups, tuna, and crackers. These are probably some of your healthier options.
We're thankful for canned foods. They've played a major part in the innovations of our food systems and have certainly kept
Should tomatoes that were grown without pesticides still be considered "organic" if they'd been steeping in BPA? And come to think of it, when was the last time you saw mention of any ingredient for any package of the food you eat?
As many of of us approach the depths of winter, perhaps we might look at our homemade goods with a yearning for something different, something new to taste from someone else's pantry. Have you thought about a food swap?
A new report called "No Silver Lining," from The National Work Group for Safe Markets, a coalition of public health and environmental
For a preview of what you're in for and to learn more about how to get involved, check out this video of the 2008 Los Angeles
Please let me know your thoughts by leaving a comment. We must be very careful to avoid the marketing ploys of the food industry