Authorities were said to have found pickled human remains in glass jars and photos of severed body parts in the couple's home.
The islands' few settlers came armed to the teeth. Fierce Fijian warriors once paddled this canoe around the islands. In
"The first sign of impending death is a general debility which is followed by general weakness and inability to stand. The
Lesbian film luminary, Guinevere Turner guest stars in the brand new episode of Capitol Hill. Waxie Moon returns as Roses Smell in need of much therapy.
The 1845 expedition led by Sir John Franklin to find the Northwest Passage was one of the biggest disasters in exploration history.
Or is the rodent just trying to preserve his dead friend's dignity?
Jose Salvador Alvarenga said he was so hungry during the ordeal that he ate his own fingernails.
Neither of former NYPD Officer Gilberto Valle's convictions were allowed to stand.
In 1900 a lawyer named Anderson lived there. While representing Colorado's most famous cannibal, Alferd Packer, Anderson
Photos via Don't Just Try It Once Volker points out that, because diseases are most
"Cannibalism seems to be surprisingly common in these guys."
Tens of thousands have died and more than 2 million displaced in the ongoing conflict.
The GOP worked so hard for so long to attain the power they have amassed: control over the United States Congress, one of the most powerful bodies in the entire world. And what they do with that power? They use toddler-inspired "my way or the highway" strategies to win, and most striking, they readily destroy their own if they can't get their way.
Said village chief Filimoni Nawawabalevu, "We believe we must have been cursed, and we must apologize for (eating Baker)...when