Aaron Lucero and Jeff Cannon say being turned away by Texas's Venue at Waterstone felt "like a punch to the gut."
The disgraced former interior secretary met his new boss on a flight to Atlanta, winning him over with talk of energy independence.
This isn't the first time a ping pong ball cannon has demonstrated incredible physics. In 2013, mechanical engineering and
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Here's a tip for anyone standing next to a cannon: If someone looks like they might be about to fire it, stand way back. TV
The Revolutionary War lasted a lot longer than most of us realize. Begun in 1775, the war didn't end for six long years, and wasn't fully resolved for another two. The Battle of the Chesapeake, in particular, deserves to be remembered.
The crowd was cheering so loudly after Obama was sworn in that it was all but impossible to hear the cannon fire. That summed up the day, for me, more poignantly than anything else.