In canonizing Father Junipero Serra in Washington, D.C. on September 23, Pope Francis signaled that the Vatican believes the founder of the California mission system did his best for Native Americans. Serra's defenders say it is unfair to judge the 18th century Franciscan missionary by contemporary standards.
The controversial Franciscan missionary is the first saint canonized on American soil.
I read Pope Francis' eco-encyclical with profound hope that it will effect a turning point in the global understanding of the impact of climate change on our Mother Earth.
It is sad that a reforming pope who has actively sought the perspectives of the faithful would be so blind to the history of indigenous peoples on two continents, and deaf to the protests of indigenous and non-indigenous Christians alike.
The unusual process that Serra's sainthood case has taken indicates that Francis personally willed the canonization and that
But for Hackel, the way Serra approached his work gives a vital clue to understanding his path to sainthood. The pope’s appearance
In February, Armenia withdrew from parliament landmark peace accords with Turkey that had only been signed in 2009, setting
“Surfing for him was a totally heavenly experience,” Eduardo Martins, a close friend of Schäffer’s, told PRI’s The World
A story about conquest, religion and the Americas, central to a founding myth of California, will end this year with the
Some 5,000 faithful traveled from Kerala state for the solemn event, which was also streamed live onto screens set up outside
“He’s the only true baseball hero. He’s the only person, player that ever gave up his life helping other people. Everybody
A presidential delegation will visit the Vatican on April 27 to attend the canonization Mass of Popes John XXIII and Pope
When Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope Francis, many Roman Catholics were quick to optimism. Some dared to hope for something of a church renaissance, and for relief, perhaps, in the wake of the bitter reign of "God's Rottweiler," Joseph Ratzinger.
The current pope has much to gain by expediting the canonization of his predecessor. The fanfare that accompanies canonization promises to create a useful diversion for Ratzinger.
It wasn't lost on me this week that progress was recently made on the "canonization" of David Foster Wallace.
I think Mr. Stevens should wait as least as long as the interned Japanese during WWII did for their apology.