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The go-to strategies you'll want to steal from the pros to help you drift off.
No, it's not just your imagination; it's menopause!
An Israeli company has combined the ancient wisdom about breathing with a smart tech device.
I'd wander the streets of Delafield waiting for someone my age to get the hell out of bed, which is why I ended up dating
New findings reveal alarming data about Britons' sleep and this group of experts is calling for change.
Tiredness won't come. No matter how much I run around during the day, I don't get drowsy. I exercise daily just so I can have the luxury of fatigue. I go out at night with friends to delay getting into bed. I eye the clock as I watch TV. After 11 p.m. I reasonably turn off the light and it all hits.
Find more ways yoga beats insomnia and gives you a more restful sleep. By Yoga Journal According to a study presented at
Most of what keeps us awake is stress. And meditation can be just the thing to relax your mind to let yourself deeply rest and sleep.
Insomnia affects 48 percent of Americans occasionally and 22 percent of Americans every or almost every night, according
14. It's not just the President who is younger than me. All my doctors are younger too. 12. I need to call Mom's doctor in
"The one thing that I think has been a major breakdown and the root of the problem for many people is that we are staying
The difference between sleeping well and sleeping poorly can have a huge impact on our morning routine and the overall quality of our day, but for the most part we're unaware of how our pre-bedtime behavior can affect the quality of our nighttime slumber.
"The more time we spend in bed awake, not sleeping, the more it drives home the message to our brain and to our body that
Nearly half of American adults say they don't get enough sleep, according to a new survey from the "Today" show. Skimping
You toss, you turn. You wake up in the middle of the night. You've tried going to bed early. You've tried staying up late
Denice Loritsch thinks we should lay off the "iced tea, coffee or chocolate after 11 a.m." She had us until the chocolate
Sleeplessness can be a real problem for women going through menopause. In fact, the North American Menopause Society (NAMS) lists trouble falling asleep as one of the five main symptoms of menopause.