Republicans continue to lose big among minorities and women. It has culminated in the nomination of a bigot and a misogynist for president of the United States.
Essential Voices USA conductor Judith Clurman started work on her CD, Cherished Moments: Songs of the Jewish Spirit, several years ago, but the project really began when she was a little girl in synagogue.
The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor was quickly interpreted by national media as a signal that immigration reform was dead on arrival. But for immigration reform advocates, the strategy has not changed.
As we ponder the future of immigration reform in the U.S. it is important to remember that it is not fundamentally a controversial policy.
The message this sends to other Republicans in Congress (both House and Senate) is that this can happen to anyone. The fear this is going to create may become all-encompassing in the House, and possibly even the Senate (if Republicans win control of the chamber this November). The Tea Party sword hanging over their heads is now plain to see.
While pundits may argue about why Cantor lost, they are in agreement that no one could have seen this coming. Democrats weren't paying attention to a Republican primary in a Republican safe district.
The red line at the GOP's 45 yard line reflects the possession of the GOP's 55 percent of the voters. The Democrats are going to need to get across midfield ideologically to make a dent.
Eric Cantor was not a sufficiently hardcore fundamentalist? Eric Cantor?
Many volunteers also carry their own stories, leaving behind families, professions and busy lives when the dispatch call arrives. Internationally renowned Israeli cantor, Shlomo Glick of Jerusalem is one of those volunteers.
Yesterday (Oct 15), more than 70 prominent religious leaders joined with locked-out federal workers in a pilgrimage on Capitol Hill to urge an immediate end to the government shutdown and urgent passage of laws to prevent a default on the U.S. debt.
All of these plans failed because the most powerful Republicans (Boehner, Cantor, Ryan) and the Tea Party Caucus are not looking for a compromise. They want unilateral concessions.
Rep. Cantor & Rep. Hoyer Get Into Heated Exchange After Farm Bill Failure
The vote to repeal would come after more conservative House members defeated Cantor's effort in late April to tweak part
By Scott Malone Representative Eric Cantor's comments came as Republicans and Democrats are trying to strike a more conciliatory
"Yes, it would appear the House is one day off pace from the start of the last Congress, and the Democratic Senate is four
Looking back over the last six months or so, the most striking development in American politics is not the reelection of the president or the relative status quo in Congress, it is the virtual disintegration of the Republican Party.
"It is reassuring to see Republicans beginning to back off their threat to hold our economy hostage. If the House can pass
When the 2011 compromise was finally met, lawmakers were left with a fiscal-cliff scenario that played into the GOP's insistence
Goolsbee added that Obama supports extending tax cuts for most small businesses. Indeed, according to the White House's website