These long-distance relationships start with registration, actual voting and then, for the love match, actually voting for Stacey Abrams. It's called "Tinderbanking."
My booty's strength got me a rowing scholarship to college. It powered me through triathlons and yoga classes. To have a stranger -- a rude one nonetheless -- comment so confidently and offensively about it is not okay.
No need to reinvent the wheel if you aren’t the organizing type.
The countless numbers of volunteers who spend hours phone banking, canvassing, hosting events, and numerous other activities
I just love marrying a thought or insight with an image...and if you follow me you can see I share one nearly every day. Initially
It turns out that our willingness to listen as well as talk -- a combination we can call Coming Out 2.0 -- not only affects those who are conflicted about LGBT people or prejudiced against us. It also keeps their hearts and minds changed for a long time.
If you live in New York City, at some point you've been approached by a suspiciously friendly person carrying a clipboard, asking if you "have a minute for [insert name of charity here]."
You're walking down the street (perhaps shopping, or on your lunch break), and up ahead you see one of those street activists with the binders. They're trying to make eye contact with you, but you've averted your gaze and pulled out your phone. "Hey! Do you have one minute for gay rights?"
When I was 12-years-old, I went door to door in my Lincoln, NE neighborhood for George McGovern. It didn't work, as Nixon won Nebraska that year with about 75 percent of the vote. But I was hooked and have been doing it in elections ever since.
Its not only because I recently started a political club at my school that I volunteered to canvass, but because I really
An elderly man, white, lectured me on the degradation of our political system and predicted a revolution after this election. A woman heard why I was there and yelled at me to get off her stoop.
We came home after five hours of canvassing our neighborhood tired and wet, but elated. Happy with the knowledge that I was able to break my own mental barrier from my still-new blindness and content with the assurance that I know I will be doing it again.
This year, there is another reason to be a little more optimistic about the undecided: they look a lot like Democratic base voters.
I love hearing about new gadgets and technology, so when Microsoft introduced its new tablets, with a detachable keyboard and the new Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, I was pretty excited about the new opportunities the tech would create.
Many couples are getting ready for the last days of summer. For sure, unstructured beach time is a wonderful way to de-stress and recharge. However, in terms of building intimacy through shared experiences, lounging on a beach is not necessarily the answer.
My favorite political activity by far is called canvassing, which means actually knocking on doors to get out the vote. Admittedly, being "Bowzer" is part of the fun of canvassing for me.
After Mighty Fudge Studios moved to the west end of the Pearl Street Mall last year, it didn't take long before the employees
News coverage of the "Moving America Forward" rally at The Ohio State University this past Sunday has focused on the massive
Democrats pining their electoral hopes on a fine-tuned ground game shouldn't necessarily hold their breath. In 2006, Republican