cape town

Welcome to Bo-Kaap, the picturesque Cape Town district, where tourism and foreign investment threaten the community.
Global warming, worsening droughts, vanishing groundwater and growing populations will make the U.S. more vulnerable to water
Officials said the South African city now has until April 16 when its water taps will run dry.
The South African city plans to shut off its water on April 12, unless dam water levels go up.
The effects of climate change and specifically air pollution are very real and are being harshly felt across the world. Cape
After over three years of droughts, Cape Town's water crisis is looming closer to “Day Zero.”
“The atmosphere was peaceful but serious about the message and issue of Jacob Zuma not being fit for president.”
4. Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile “Do the megalithic statues, go to the summit of Maunga Terevaka, and hike through
Yesterday, I left all those luxuries behind. I left my house at 6:00 a.m. for the airport. Eleven hours later, I was sitting
Figure 1: Shifts in the understanding of capacity development (examples) Let's look at one example of how capacity development
The former Anglican archbishop has suffered from a recurring bug.