It can really save those last-minute dinner scrambles.
You can find more of my healthy recipes here. Enjoy, As spring turns to summer, here's a wonderfully fragrant and fresh light
One of the oldest ways of eating, the Mediterranean Diet remains one of the healthiest and most vegan-friendly, relying on
Then I boiled two portions of pasta, combined it over low heat with the tapenade-tomato mixture plus a splash of the pasta
You can tell from the ingredients that this is not a shy kind of sauce.
We've been spending our weekends at the Jersey Shore this summer, and that means company. Between the laundry and the grocery shopping, the wet bathing suits falling off the rail into the bushes, the making up of the pullout couch, the root-beer cans piling up in bathroom wastepaper baskets, and the towels hidden under the beds, sometimes, it feels as if my husband and I are running a B&B.
I love salty food. Perhaps that is because I have low blood pressure. I also love garlic and onions. Perhaps that is because I have no taste buds left, after decades of eating the spiciest food I can shovel down and smoking Marlboro Lights in college.
There are tales of lore which mention the glory of these buds dating back to biblical times.
One of the Accidental Locavore's favorite salads, not easily found outside of France, is celery root remoulade.
The Italian island of Pantelleria sits in the Mediterranean Sea closer to Africa than Sicily. A magnificent place of haunting natural beauty, stunning architecture, and delicious food and wine.
Artichokes may be time-consuming, but trust me, you want to grill them.
It poaches, it coddles, it fries, it binds, it rises, it aerates.
There are some ingredients that get taken for granted and capers top that list. Despite the capers small size, and their
You've seen them hundreds of times, but do you know what they really are?