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"This just feels like a violation of the compact between government and the public to protect us."
"It’s impossible to predict what Trump is going to do next."
"It’s no longer the case that the white fringe dwellers are on the fringe — they are literally in power now."
"There is a great degree of worry about Trump giving permission to do harm in our communities."
"There’s nothing normal about what we’re about to experience. We've got to be peaceful warriors."
No one knows for sure if he'll tolerate state-by-state legalization.
The Freedom Foundation, an organization with ties to the Koch brothers, is moving against the United Domestic Workers union.
Proposition 61 has prominent progressive supporters like Bernie Sanders.
Sixty percent of Californians say they support banning plastic bags.
Activists want charters to be held to the same accountability standards as traditional public schools.
The booming marijuana industry has a major environmental footprint.
As the timber industry collapsed, one Northern California town turned to marijuana.
A recently passed bill sets ambitious new targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.
"The two items are separate—the shooting in Dallas, and our demands for justice."
At many of California’s community colleges mental health services are virtually nonexistent.
“Uncovered California” is a three-part series examining how the Golden State is trying to fill holes in its health care coverage.
As research shows charter schools are failing many students, some public schools are taking reform into their own hands.
“They like charters in part because they decrease the publicness of public schools."
Students with "fairly substantial special education needs" are not faring well in some charter environments.
Charter schools' overall report cards have not been so stellar.