Capitol Hill

Republicans say it's time to move on from the "original sin" of slavery, even though its ill effects have lingered.
Actress Busy Philipps testified on Capitol Hill about abortion rights in light of the passage of strict new abortion legislation in states like Alabama and Missouri.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) thinks it is time to move on from Robert Mueller’s investigation.
A bill with widely backed reforms almost got snagged over a provision blocking the IRS from creating free electronic filing.
Under current law, Dreamers can’t work in paid positions in the House or Senate.
Senators grilled Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos on her proposed budget cuts to the Special Olympics and special education grants.
There are profound gender imbalances and pay gaps on a majority of Congress' legislative committees, a new analysis finds.
In his third and final Capitol Hill session this week, Cohen will testify to the House Intelligence Committee.
The 2020 hopeful has called prospective employers in order to shut down outside job opportunities for her staff.
The Democratic Congresswoman-elect’s Instagram page is brimming with stories of her thoroughly enjoying orientation week in Washington D.C.
The GOP senator is considered a crucial swing vote on Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
Lawmakers have stalled on sexual misconduct reforms, as they try to rush through Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation.
The infamous conspiracy theorist crashed Marco Rubio’s TV interview and started bickering with the Republican senator. Yeah, it was weird.
The senator from Arizona is the 31st person to lie in state in the Capitol rotunda, according to the Architect of the Capitol website.
Capitol Hill staffers and reporters are among those sharing their favorite memories of the senator.
Hackers are targeting "both Republicans and Democrats," Sen. Jeanne Shaheen said.
Tommy Ewing-Brown initially refused to serve a group of Trump supporters a week before the election.
Republicans are pushing for some food stamp applicants to pass drug tests.
Mark Zuckerberg was grilled on Capitol Hill about Facebook’s data scandal.
Sen. Patty Murray noted that lawmakers haven't passed an anti-harassment bill targeting Capitol Hill.