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From the moment I stepped into Istanbul, and on my last footsteps out of this city, I was fortunate to experience local Turkish hospitality. It could have been driven by the fact that I was travelling alone, or from the sympathy glances I got when I had a mounting backpack on me.
From time to time we share a random video clip to fuel your travel dreams. Join us today as we visit the underground world of Kaymaklı, Turkey, which provided an almost ready-made refuge for Turks during invasions and persecutions through the centuries.
After looking at some rather dramatic reports on the news, a visit to Turkey may have moved down a few notches on your travel planning short-list. But maybe you should reconsider, or adjust that thought. Cappadocia Turkey is an island of calm sitting in the very center of Turkey.
Turkey is home to some of the most beautiful, historical and geographically diverse places on Earth. Here are 12 places that
It could take a while to walk through Turkey's transcendental forest of fairy chimneys -- rock formations formed by ancient
Turkey's central plateau is home to a very unique set of geological features known as "hoodoos." Over the centuries these hoodoos, also known as "fairy chimneys," have been carved out to create monasteries, castles, homes, churches and entire cities.
Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan took home the Palme d'Or this year with his outstanding achievement, Winter Sleep. No surprise here at Cannes, where this 3 ½ hour film was the buzz all week.
A Hotel Fit For An Olympian (Or A King) We Wouldn't Mine Staying Here At All If you're into the whole floor-to-ceiling windows
If you thought winter looks wondrous, check out these stunning summer flights! It's easy to see why when you look at the
Imagine a place that is so naturally beautiful and full of history you will feel awestruck from sunup to sundown. Add to that some hot air balloons and the ability to live inside the cave formations that make this place so special and you have Cappadocia.
Palmyra submitted to a Roman military governor until the Emperor Hadrian (117-138 A.D.) granted it the title of "free town
For the past decade, I've been wandering like a dervish around the globe -- trying to see things from a different perspective -- specifically, upside down. While some people fly or sail around the world, I'm trying to cartwheel across this great Earth.
The 30 Postcards Project has taken me to places remote and places familiar, in 56 countries and counting, from the southernmost city in the world to the northernmost point in continental Europe.
What's your take on ballooning in your travels? Where is it best? Do you feel it's safe? I've never been big on ballooning
For an adventurous way to mark your engagement, explore the jungle from the back of Thailand's gentle giants with an elephant ride in Phuket.
With each trip I take, I bring home magic memories -- travelers' gold nuggets of experiences I will remember all my life. Thoughtful, rewarding travel goes way beyond collecting famous sights.
The first land art piece Andrew Rogers created was a monumental Chai in Israel's Arava Desert in 1999. The Hebrew symbol represents a toast -- To Life! -- and in the twelve years since, Rogers has certainly been living the life.
While what you read in guidebooks about visiting "must-see" attractions should be considered, it would be a shame to miss some of Turkey's smaller, more intimate spots.