capsule wardrobe

The only plus-size capsule wardrobe pieces you need for winter 2018.
These ankle boots will look good with dresses, skirts, wide-leg pants and more.
If there’s one fashion trend you try this summer, let it be a summer set.
Basics to get you through summer and beyond.
Invest in pieces that you can wear between winter and spring.
I ditched almost everything I owned to travel the world -- and it wasn't that hard.
To be honest, the number of clothes doesn't matter. In fact, there's nothing inherently wrong with owning clothes. Clothes play an important role in our lives. However, this idea that by having more we'll gain more must be put to rest.
Being an eco-minimalist style maven means not only choosing materials that are fairly traded and sweatshop free, but also choosing well made apparel that needn't be replaced often, as well as retooling what you already own.