captain america: civil war

A new study from UCLA finds that despite the huge success of diverse Hollywood projects, studios still release films with predominantly white casts.
There are a few things studios can do to bring more diversity to movies, but I think it's the initial mindset that is important. It starts with the scripts.
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Continuing an annual post-Labor Day tradition at the MovieFilm show, me and Brian reunite after a brief hiatus to look back
I couldn't do it. I could not spend another summer in the shadows of my son's gullibility. I couldn't.
Polytheism assumes a messy world of evolution by tooth and claw as well as by friendship and community, a world of contradictions
Captain America: Civil War is proving to be a massive popular hit around the world. And it's doing it by imaginatively knitting together elements from the dozen earlier films in the so-called Marvel Cinematic Universe in ways far more reminiscent of classic long-form television.
The problem, in the end, is that we don't have anyone like Captain America or Iron Man acquiring real power in our world. All we have are the likes of Donald Trump and the lesser evil running against him in this election, Hillary Clinton.