Captain Fantastic

The movie Captain Fantastic sounds like an action adventure, and it is, if you consider parenting a thrilling sport. The
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Mortensen is dazzling in his new movie, directed by Matt Ross.
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But Captain Fantastic is a great reminder to someone like me that this approach, as well meaning and often correct it might
You've never seen Aragorn like this before. JK, you have.
'Captain Fantastic' Clip
The first trailer for "Captain Fantastic," starring Viggo Mortensen, is here.
It won't be hard: Several will bow on Netflix or Amazon.
Of the five-and-a-half films I took in (I sampled Lovesong for a half-hour while killing time between two other movies and was not sorry to walk out early), the three best ones all dealt with issues of family in emotionally complex, compelling and sometimes funny ways.