Captain Kirk

The actor who played Captain Kirk made his stance perfectly clear.
The original TV show, which premiered Sept. 8, 1966, lasted three seasons, which were just a warmup for what has become an
Looking back on the production of The Finest Hours (which was just released on Blu-ray & DVD yesterday), Gillespie was especially proud of the way this film's cast and crew worked together to make some of this movie's more complex shots possible.
Captain Kirk just dropped the mic. And then it floated away because space has zero gravity.
We were both experiencing the Sixties, Captain Kirk and I. Admittedly, I was still in the 1960s and the captain was somewhere in the 2260s.
The actor wishes more officials were like his character, Jean-Luc Picard.
At every level, local, state, federal, international, and personal, we need that combination of both Kirk and Spock, complementing each other, to solve problems and ensure that we live long and prosper.
Spock was my guy: calm, rational, and funny in that understated way. He didn't bluster, he observed, and he solved problems with Hemingway-style grace under pressure. I admired that.