When you log into certain websites, sometimes the site makes you copy a bunch of blurry, squiggly, "drunken" letters to prove you're a human instead of a bot. Did you know that when you're typing in those letters, you're actually helping to digitize old books and newspapers?
The CAPTCHAs have a simple format. They list a human rights abuse (i.e. "In Kosovo, people are tortured in detention"), say
First, a boatload of strategies are posted around the web about how to improve recognition in scripts in order to break CAPTCHAs
If you've signed in to almost any website on the Internet, you've probably encountered a dastardly CAPTCHA. A CAPTCHA is
One such security question asks a user to reconcile Einstein's Theory of Relativity with quantum mechanics -- a feat that has evaded cosmologists and quantum physicists to date.
My special guest on this edition of Google Plus Week is Adam Guerbuez, the Montreal marketer who got sued for $873 million by Facebook and lost.
If you're still a little sunburned from the fourth and looking for some fun sites to help take the edge off of this shortened
Until this year, security for Web interactions meant copying distorted letters into "captcha" boxes to prove we weren't spam
NuCaptcha is a first-of-its-kind CAPTCHA technology that uses video to determine if users are human, not bots. Read more
Sophisticated spammers are paying people in India, Bangladesh, China and other developing countries to tackle the simple
A CAPTCHA frequently appears as a line of warped text and numbers that a human must read and type in in order to proceed
A Google spokesman said the data collected in the report was collected in early 2008 and didn't reflect enhancements made
Spam originating from Google's Gmail domain doubled last month, indicating that spammers are still defeating the CAPTCHA